Monopoly makes enemies. Fuck monopoly, fuck free parking!!!!!!!

  • People: Why are you so competitive?
  • Me: It all started with my first game of Monopoly...


Monopoly - Game Grumps VS

A thrilling battle between a boot and a hat.

Game Grumps are:

Originally published on 23 Oct 2012

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  • M: I hate Monopoly!
  • *talking about Monopoly in here somewhere*
  • Me: Mo' nopoly, mo' problems.


Gift from Work. I wonder if we stock Star Wars Monopoly, Rasta-Mon-opoly, Edna Krabobboly or Gallip-olopoly as well. #thesimpsons #officeworks #monopoly #quickestwaytolosefriends

For those of you who don’t know, this is apparently a Monopoly special edition for an Australian office supply store.


I don’t often take photos in school because Japanese people are right stickly about photos of their children and whatnot. But, this was just too weird not to take a snapshot of. One of the girls in the 4th grade has this little bag for her lunch supplies. She knew what Monopoly was but had no idea this wasn’t your usual Monopoly board. It appears the design was made about a decade ago by this woman. As for how it ended up on a little girl’s school supplies is beyond me. Dane Cook is completely unheard of out here. It has his signature jokes all around the board and a few vulgar words. Great mystery of the internet, here.

Wild Mushroomland


First time I have ever really played this game properly and it’s long, tedious, frustrating and annoying! LOL #monopoly


I’m playing monopoly with my 8 year old cousin but he usually plays with his mom and she plays it so fucking stupidly so that’s how he thinks its played but its not and its pissing me off because evertime I try to explain to him he’s doing it wrong he freaks out and starts crying and I don’t wanna listen to that so I’m fucking losing because he’s a fucking cry baby



Monopoly is shit

“Take this 120 dollars and use it to buy a dildo to go fuck yourself with!”
— My roommate playing monopoly (via wewerepromisedtea)